Monday, November 4, 2013

If You Give a Kid a Camera--Part III

I handed  my SLR Canon camera to my budding photographer and told her go take some shots.  I gave her no other instructions. 

Her eye for God's beauty is very apparent . . .

And my absolute favorite shot. . .

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  1. Beautiful! She's got an eye for color and composition!

  2. Beautiful! :) This makes me curious what my daughter would do with a camera in her hands.

    (Just visiting via First Day. :) )

  3. Love her pics! Happy First Day...

  4. Hi April! Oh my goodness, this child needs a blog! LOL! I see so many blogs with photos, and your budding photographer would fit right in. Even the one of the lonely soccer ball...
    Maybe a Christmas present would be a camera??


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