Thursday, February 28, 2013

REVIEW: Lone Star Learning--Science and Math Vocabulary Cards

Needing a fun supplement that will make science and math vocabulary become crystal clear to your students? Then look no further than Lone Star Learning's Get the Picture: Target Science Vocabulary:Set 1 and Get the Picture: Target Math Vocabulary:Set 1 Cards.  Utilizing mnemonic methods, 
these cards take math and science vocabulary that may be unfamiliar to your student and present them in full-color, glossy pictures for word association and memorization. 

How we used them: For Get the Picture: Target Vocabulary Math- Set 1, we hand-picked the vocabulary that applied to the current chapter in our math book on which my daughter happened to be working.  When we first received the (5.5" x 4.25") cards, we were right in the middle of geometry, so words like "line segment", "diameter", "area", and "congruent" were so helpful.  These clever cards really helped Abbey remember which term meant what and which one to use when working through her chapter.   When we moved to long division the following week, we were able to pull out the "divisor" and "dividend" cards to help her remember which was which!   As we move forward each week, I plan to pull out the math vocabulary cards that will help her.  Here is a list of the words in set 1:

Set 1 Word List:

acute angle
complementary angles
equilateral triangle
greater than
intersecting lines
isosceles triangle
less than
line segment
obtuse angle
ordered pair
right angle
supplementary angles
X axis
Y axis

For Get the Picture: Target Vocabulary Science-Set 1, we did things a little differently.  We actually took several days to study these beautiful, large (5.5" x 8.5") cards like flash cards. She memorized them very easily, even the tough words that she had never heard before, and had fun quizzing me in return.  This set included words like "evaporation", "condensation", and "fibrous root".  As we study different themes in science going forward, I plan on pulling out the applicable cards and having her review them.    

Here is a list of the words in set 1:

Word List Set 1

fibrous root
load – fulcrum
inclined plane

Regardless of which set you purchase, you will be getting a glossary, so you can easily explain to your student what each word is. From the glossary, you can also read the definition and have your student pick out the corresponding card for extra practice. 

Recommended AgesBoth of these sets are recommended for grades 3 - 8, however I believe ages as young as 5 can understand a lot of these words because of the wonderful way in which they are presented. Please check out the sets on their website to determine which set will work best for your present needs.

My Final Thoughts: I loved these as supplementary tool.  My daughter and I are both visual learners, so seeing the letters come to life to form picture words really helped cement each term in her mind.  It is such a great idea, and I wish I had thought of it! My daughter loved that she was able to quickly learn some of the "tough" words for her, and after only a few times through each set, she was able to define them all very quickly. 

Get the Picture: Target Vocabulary Words: Science Set 1 retails for $29.99.  

Get the Picture: Target Vocabulary Words: Math Set 1 (small set) retails for $29.99. 

There are several more sets available for purchase under Math, Science, and Language, so I encourage you to investigate the well-laid out store site over at Lone Star Learning, and if your budget allows, make this investment for your schoolroom! 

Please see what others had to say about these products over at:

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Scripture and a Snapshot-02/24/13

"A small rudder on a huge ship in the hands of a skilled captain sets a course in the face of the strongest winds. A word out of your mouth may seem of no account, but it can accomplish nearly anything—or destroy it!" James 3:2-4 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Circle of Me

This morning I heard my youngest daughter Abbey calling for me. "Mama, come quick! You need to take Bailey's picture!" Bailey is the youngest of our three dachshunds and Abbey's best friend. They are pretty much inseparable. 

Before I could find my camera and get to where they were curled up in a chair in the den, the Kodak moment was lost. Squirmy worms Abbey and Bailey had changed position. 

Abbey excitedly described the scene I had missed. "I had my legs 'criss-cross applesauce' and Bailey was lying in the circle of me!!! She looked adorable." 

I loved her description: "The circle of me." It made me smile, and think. . .

What is the circle of Me? of April? Well it's lots of things, I realized. It's my life and how I came to where I am and who I am today. 

It's the circle of a very little girl lost in the midst of too much family drama and pain to comprehend, and feeling very much the cause of it all. 

And it's:
...the circle of a little girl forced to move away from her best friends more times than she could remember.

...the circle of a little girl who, like Abbey, found priceless solace in her own pet (a cat named Ashley). 

...the circle of a little girl who, at nineteen, thought she needed to marry the first guy she loved because no one else would want her

...the circle of a little girl who tried to please her parents long into her twenties, only to realize that true happiness only comes from trying to please the One who made her. 

...the circle of a little girl who, by listening to the enemy, chose sand over Rock, and yet and still became a testament of Mercy and Grace

...the circle of a little girl blessed by God enough to mother four beautiful children and be a Granna to one precious grandchild. 

...the circle of a little girl realizing the joy of finding her soulmate in her thirties. Praise the Lord!
It's my circle. 

It's the circle of Me, encompassed, embraced, and warmly fenced in by an even larger circle of God.

What does the circle of You look like? 

God is great—everything works together for good for his servant. I’ll tell the world how great and good you are,  I’ll shout Hallelujah all day, every day." Psalm 35: 27-28

Monday, February 18, 2013

Scripture and a Snapshot- 2/18/2013

He makes the moon wax and wane, putting it through its phases. Job 26:5

Joining my friend Jennifer at: 

Friday, February 15, 2013

REVIEW: Classical Academic Press: God's Great Covenant OT 1

The new Crew Review year is off to a great start and our very first product we were blessed to review is a wonderful Bible curriculum from Classical Academic Press.  We chose to review God’s Great Covenant: OT: 1: Genesis to Ruth.  

The set we are reviewing comes with the Teacher’s Edition, one Student Workbook, and Audio Files. (The downloadable audio file is MP3 format and can be burned on a CD to take along anywhere you go).  I highly recommend purchasing all three, and I think my review will explain why I say that. In addition, if you have more than one student using it, I recommend purchasing extra workbooks for each, if you are able.  

The recommended ages for this Bible study are ages 4  - 10, so this is a wonderful choice for teaching multiple ages.  My daughter Abbey is 9, in the 4th grade, and it was a perfect set up for her.  

Much to my pleasant surprise, the Teacher’s Edition has Children’s Catechism questions in the margin that go along with each lesson.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Children’s Catechism, these are questions like “#1 Who made me?”, “ #22  What is a covenant?", etc., that are an introduction to the Shorter Catechism (one of the most important documents to come out of the English Reformation and the basis of many Protestant churches).   Classical Academic Press has chosen each of the Catechism questions carefully so that the ones the student is learning are actually related to each lesson. We take time to make flashcards of each of the questions.  Part of Abbey’s Bible time includes memorization of these questions and answers. 

The Teacher's Edition also includes wonderful teaching tips for each lesson, thought-provoking questions to help get the most out of the lesson, and answer keys to all quizzes. Check out the samples pages of the Teacher's Edition here:

With each new lesson, we listen to the current Bible story being narrated on the MP3 Audio Files are available.  The narrator's (Christopher Perrin) voice is like buttah and Abbey would often say, “Play it again, please!” because she loved his soothing voice and the way he told the story mixed with the scripture. She would follow along in the workbook.

After the story is heard (sometimes more than once), we read over the Memory Page together.  Check out the sample packet from the Student Workbook here:

After studying the Memory Page, Abbey then starts the Review section, which is two pages long, followed by a Quiz.  On the first day of the lesson, she completes one review page.  The next day, she completes page 2 of the review, and on the 3rd day she takes the Quiz for a grade.   Going slowly helps the lesson sink in and keeps us from rushing through it for the sake of saying we did. 

The next day, we start right in with the new lesson, new Catechism questions, and new stories.  That schedule has worked well for us.  We have a 4 -5 day week of school.  
Abbey reading her God's Great Covenant workbook in her 'fort'.
  • I love this program and will most definitely be buying the next set.   
  • I love it because it is a perfect pace for my easily-bored child and it holds her interest beautifully.   
  •  I love it because the amount of information in each lesson seems to be just the perfect amount for the recommended age range.  I encourage you to purchase the entire set that includes all three components in order for your child to get the most out of it.   
  • I love it because my daughter has asked very deep-thinking questions, like “Does God loves His creation because of who we are or because of how we act?", "If God created us only for His glory, doesn't that seem weird and selfish?" and “If God created all things prior to creating Adam, does that mean that Adam and Eve were walking with the dinosaurs every day?”  
  • And most of all, I love it because it is Biblically sound and Scripture is presented in a way my child can easily grasp.  
We are enjoying it so much I have ordered the Maps and Timeline set to further emphasize and solidify the stories she is learning.  I think it will help us both very much to see and realize exactly where and when they were taking place.  She and I are both visual learners.  The set arrived this week and it jam-packed with maps and timelines! There are different maps for the different time periods and the different stories.  They are full-color, glossy and very kid-friendly. 

There are many ways to purchase Classical Academic Press: God’s Great Covenant: OT:1: Genesis to Ruth.  Individually, as below:
The Audio Files (MP3 download): $9.95 (You know the voice of butter I mentioned earlier)
Or, as a bundled set (includes all of the above):

Bottom line: This homeschooling mama loves this curriculum and I highly recommend it to any homeschooling style of teaching! 

Please take time to see what other homeschooling families thought of this great curriculum over at: 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Crumpled Sheets of Paper

We are doing a wonderful Bible study called God's Great Covenant from Classical Academic Press and it is really proving to be more thought-provoking than I ever imagined.  

Daily, my daughter asks questions like "If Adam and Eve had not sinned, would they still be alive today?"  and "Do you think Cain is in heaven?" and "When Jesus comes again, will all the animals that are alive today be in the new heaven and earth?".  

Yesterday, as she listened to the story of Noah and how evil the world had become during that time, she looked up and said, "You know what I think? I think God looked at the world like a sheet of paper.  He took His scissors and cut out the good part (Noah and his family) and then used His hands and crumpled up the rest of the paper and threw it away."  

I love that thinking girl of mine. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Scripture and a Snapshot--2/10/13

"His sovereignty is as sure as the sun, dependable as the phases of the moon, inescapable as weather.” Psalm 89:37

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

First Day--February 2013

Did the Mail Run Yet?

Who gets the mail at your house? Do you like to be the one to go out to the mailbox and pick it up? Do you watch to see if the flag is down, so you know the mail has run?  I sure do. Everyone at our house anticipates that mail carrier's Honda CRV coming around the corner. 

There is just something about seeing what is waiting in there. While most of the time there's nothing but tons and tons of bills, I am always hopeful that a package, an unexpected check, a slick new catalog (full of things I can't afford but love to look at anyway), or, best of all, a sweet note from a friend is behind that small door. I can't wait to open it and see.  

And I can't stand Sundays and government holidays where there is no mail. It totally messes up my routine to not get the mail.  I am completely against the US Postal Service discontinuing Saturday deliveries.  So what if they need save like $30 billion dollars a year to not go bankrupt!!  I want my mail on at least one day of the weekend.  :)

It struck me today that life is kind of like getting the mail.  

Every day, we start our day without full knowledge of what the day will hold for us.  We know what we should be expecting, and about what time we should be expecting it, but we don't really know what all God has out there to surprise us. We like routine, and we like knowing that things will go as we want. And isn't it great when we get the good kind of surprises throughout the day?  

Looking to see if the flag is down yet should mean: what does God have around the corner?

Watching for the "bills" that Satan throws at me should mean: being prepared for adversity. 

Hoping for the sweet "card" in the form of a hug from a friend should mean: taking time to be the one to give the hug to a hurting soul.

But mostly, I am going to be watching, hoping and waiting for our Lord to return with the best delivery of all: much-needed peace to save this crazy, crazy world. 

"The eyes of all mankind are watching and expecting the Lord to come and provide for them." Psalm 145:15



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