Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Did the Mail Run Yet?

Who gets the mail at your house? Do you like to be the one to go out to the mailbox and pick it up? Do you watch to see if the flag is down, so you know the mail has run?  I sure do. Everyone at our house anticipates that mail carrier's Honda CRV coming around the corner. 

There is just something about seeing what is waiting in there. While most of the time there's nothing but tons and tons of bills, I am always hopeful that a package, an unexpected check, a slick new catalog (full of things I can't afford but love to look at anyway), or, best of all, a sweet note from a friend is behind that small door. I can't wait to open it and see.  

And I can't stand Sundays and government holidays where there is no mail. It totally messes up my routine to not get the mail.  I am completely against the US Postal Service discontinuing Saturday deliveries.  So what if they need save like $30 billion dollars a year to not go bankrupt!!  I want my mail on at least one day of the weekend.  :)

It struck me today that life is kind of like getting the mail.  

Every day, we start our day without full knowledge of what the day will hold for us.  We know what we should be expecting, and about what time we should be expecting it, but we don't really know what all God has out there to surprise us. We like routine, and we like knowing that things will go as we want. And isn't it great when we get the good kind of surprises throughout the day?  

Looking to see if the flag is down yet should mean: what does God have around the corner?

Watching for the "bills" that Satan throws at me should mean: being prepared for adversity. 

Hoping for the sweet "card" in the form of a hug from a friend should mean: taking time to be the one to give the hug to a hurting soul.

But mostly, I am going to be watching, hoping and waiting for our Lord to return with the best delivery of all: much-needed peace to save this crazy, crazy world. 

"The eyes of all mankind are watching and expecting the Lord to come and provide for them." Psalm 145:15


  1. Yes, thank you for sharing this, April, it's a reminder I needed to today.


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