Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cow Trails (It's Time to Focus)

Driving to Atlanta for a business meeting with my hubby a couple of weeks ago, I noticed pasture after pasture of cows--nothing really extraordinary for southern interstates.  But what I observed were all the cow trails in those pastures, and more specifically, how the bovine creatures on those trails were following behind one another, heads down, mindlessly trodding along. 

What causes this? What is their instinct's purpose  for this behavior? I really don't know, except for maybe safety in numbers.  I asked the cows, but they were tight-lipped . . .

I think sometimes we as humans also need to stay on a narrow path, especially when it comes to following after worldly things which can so easily distract us from our eternal goals.  And following after the familiar can be good if your Leader is Jehovah Jireh (the God who provides) and you know for sure you're on the right path.  "Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it." [Matt 7:13]

But other times, God is calling us to get off that mindless trail of following after the crowd. Even if you recognize the backsides of those in front of you, God may be calling you stop smelling that um, kaka, and move on with His purpose for you!!  In order to have the confidence to that, we have to be listening and we have to be looking UP!  

Here's what God has taught me lately, and hopefully with His grace, I can actually remember to apply it on a daily basis:

1) Be Wise--stay close to Him, listen for His voice. Sometimes it's a shout, but usually it's a whisper. 

2) Not Everything That Glitters is Gold---Boy howdy, y'all. Satan absolutely loves to disguise himself as light, all shiny and glittery.  If your head is down or focused on the backside in front of you, you may not recognize the wolf inside that sheep's clothing. 

3)  Prepare Your Children and Your Loved Ones--- Here's another tough one to swallow sometimes when we're out on the "mission" field of life.  Not only do we have to be aware for our own good, but there are those around us who need us to guide them off that cow trail, because God is counting on us to be leaders.  It's not easy, but it is so rewarding and so worth the hard work. 

4) Listen, Focus, and Listen Some More----Have I said that yet? Because you really can't stay on social media or on your phone and continue rushing around all day and still expect to hear God's voice.  You seriously have to be disciplined long enough to dive into His word. Get a devotional that helps you focus, but don't just read it; take time to research and read the accompanying verses in the Bible.  Then take time to write down a few of your praises and a lot of your prayers.   Or don't. Just keep doing what you're doing. But don't expect great results unless you're willing to do the hard work! We have to be different than the world! We have to get off those muddy cow trails and pull ourselves out of the miry clay! 

Okay, that's your 2015 Pep Talk! Now, 'git along little doggies! 

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