Wednesday, September 10, 2014

When God Whispers

Whisper . . .

Last week I was over at my daughter's house, playing with my grand-lovelies while their mama ran some errands, when Cooper (age 3) started having a meltdown.  His whining became more and more exaggerated, and when I tried to scoop him up to help him calm down, he grabbed my face with both hands and proceeded to PINCH me as hard as he could! Yeee--oooouuuchh!!! Man, it hurt so bad my eyes watered.

I quickly put him in the floor below me and scolded him with a loud voice.  Oh my goodness, you would have thought I beat him! His bottom lip started quivering and he started bawling.  It broke my heart.

I picked him back up, and in between his dramatic screams of anguish, I whispered to him. Yes, whispered.  No yelling, no raised voice to try to be louder than he was---just a whisper.

And you know what? He stopped crying. He started straining to hear what I was saying.  He answered my questions, and I felt his body relax against me.  He allowed me to hold him for several minutes, then hopped down to run off and play again.

As I drove back home that day, I thought about how God watches us pitch our dramatic hissy fits and knows that the best way to really get us to listen is to simply whisper.   He knows that in between our screams against the current injustices in our lives, whispers will be heard louder than any decibel of action.  

The hardest part about this? Ceasing our incessant whining long enough to actually hear God's whispering voice.   

My sweet friends, please let God scoop you up and hold you. He longs to comfort you, to quiet your fears, and to love you through the tough stuff.  Hang on, hang in there, and keep listening for His voice. 



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