Friday, May 23, 2014

Random Five on Friday ~~05/23/2014

After my new granddaughter was born last Wednesday, she had to be transferred to a NICU 100 miles from home.  Here are five obvservations from our week there:

1. Babies are much, much stronger than we give them credit for. 

2. Life begins at conception.  

3.  Hospitals can wear a person out faster than running a marathon. Nothing else saps your emotions quite the same. I am still recovering. 

4.  I have so much respect for the NICU nurses.  They are focused, loving, and committed to the health of the babies in their care. 

5.  I witnessed firsthand how prayer can change things.  Our little girl who was struggling to take a breath from her pneumonia and transient tachypnea,is now happy and seems to have fully recovered.  We are beyond grateful for the prayers, short or long, that were lifted up for her over the last week.

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