Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Runway Lights

I was watching a show on the National Geographic Channel the other day and was amazed at how God leaves no detail unnoticed.  I learned that pollinating insects like bees, wasps, etc., see flowers with ultraviolet vision, thus making the flowers look like targets with runway lights, so the insects know exactly where to land.  This ensures the continuation of both the insects and the flowers.

God Mercy Wisdom

God Mercy Wisdom

God Mercy Wisdom

God Mercy Wisdom

Absolutely amazing!

I was thinking on this several days later, and thinking how great it would be if the Lord gave us ultraviolet vision on the tough days. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see the exact path we should take when we're confused, or hurting, or struggling to make the right decisions?

Why do you think that is? Why do you think He doesn't lay it all out, nice and neat, for us? I think it's because He knows that if He did so---if He showed us the runway lights in a literal way---we wouldn't seek His face or we wouldn't get in the Word as we should. 

We would get spiritually lazy.  And slothfulness and idleness lead to nothing good, and certainly will not allow us to serve the Lord as we should.

I do realize that sometimes God does allow us those rare moments where things are crystal clear so that the airport beacon is loudly and proudly swinging around for us to see, and we get to know without a doubt the path we should take.   He is merciful if nothing else, and for those moments I am very grateful.  But more often than not, we are required to use the Holy Spirit to be our eyes, and the longer we spend studying His plan for us, the clearer our vision becomes. 

Open your Bible and open your heart, deploy the landing gear, and buckle up! The answers are out there and it's going to be a great journey! 



God's wisdom


Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord. Romans 12:11


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  1. AWESOME! I did not know this about insects, but I'll tell you this: I never, ever stopped being amazed at God's intricate Glory and mighty Omniscience. Imagine - I know I barely can - a Father who can pay attention to this detail, this little tiny necessity to ensure pollination as well as create an infinite Universe!
    Who, in this knowledge, would NOT wish to bow and give Praise!?
    LOVE this, LOVE YOU!!

  2. It's a walk of faith. If we had "ultraviolet vision", we wouldn't need faith. We'd be our own gods=no bueno!
    être accompagné de Dieu (French for "walk with God"). [Cool pix!]


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