Sunday, February 2, 2014

First Day~~February 2014

February is here, my friends! Unbelievable. I was once told that when you get older, time seems to go by faster, and I really do believe that.  Our first day was spent enjoying a wonderfully warm day after a week of paralyzing ice storms in the Deep South.  Everyone was so happy to be out of the house! 

Climbing trees FAR out in the pasture! 

A rare capture of two VERY busy, never still, creatures! 


Last patches of snow hiding from the 70 degree temps!

Our crazy rescue pup Pepe' Lopez! 

Shade is the only place for the snow to hide! 

Cooper stopping in front of Granddaddy's shed to say hello. 

Checking out the deer feeder! 

My handsome hubby stopping for a quick break in the sun! 

I didn't get to stay outside long--customers are still ordering reindeer from our Etsy site, so I am busy painting them to get them ready to ship out this week! 

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