Friday, December 27, 2013

What's this Blog Title All About Anyway?

Coffee--Boy, oh boy, do I love some coffee!! I have been drinking it since I was 14 years old.  Don't even know how I got started, or why I thought I needed it (probably late night studying sessions), but I have rarely been a day without it.  Call it sad or weird or normal---just don't take my cup of Joe while you're deciding!! Coffee!!

Cobwebs--I try desperately to keep my house clean.  Most days there's only four of us here, and I still struggle to keep it clean.  The amount of dust that settles in this house in a day's time is incredible! And our really high ceilings make wonderful nooks for the resident spiders.  I try hard not to look up during the course of my day. And don't even get me started about the dust on the ceiling fan blades! Cobwebs!!

Curriculum--I am a self-professed curriculum junkie.  I love how creative people can get when it comes to writing and teaching homeschool curriculum texts and studies.  I can't imagine not homeschooling, and I love finding that perfect curriculum for my youngest.  She is a wonderful student, but will quickly let me know when something isn't working for her.  I don't necessarily change something immediately just because she fusses, but I do love researching new curriculum choices for her.  Curriculum!!


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  1. Seems like we are kindred spirits. :-) Your blog title could be mine as well.

    1. I have admired your blog and your graphics many times! :-)


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