Friday, August 9, 2013

Random Five on Friday-- 08/09/2013

We had a yard sale last weekend, and here are the five random observations I made during that HOT day: 

1) Men buy much, much, much more junk than women do. 

2) Men buy more spontaneously than women do.  Women were on their cell phones calling people, asking their opinion on purchases, etc. Men were like, "Here's your 50 cents." 

3) August in Alabama is a really bad time to have a yard sale. Even if you start at 6 a.m. I was miserable. The humidity was 300% , at least. Thank goodness for portable fans and cold bottles of water. 

4) No matter how low you price things, sometimes you can't GIVE junk away. We ended up taking two truckloads of items to the thrift store at the end of the day. Oh, and one truck load went to the dump. 

5)  The jury is still out on whether the money we made is worth the effort it took to get it.  Let's just say if we don't have another yard sale for three more years, that will be too soon. 

Do you like having yard sales? Or just shopping at them? 

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  1. I loath having yard sales! So much work and so much mess. I'd rather load the van and drop it all at Goodwill or something. My husband likes to do it so every few years I let him have at it!

  2. My hubby loves things like that, but me? Not so much! We've just started donating stuff to the ministry we serve with - because we've been so blessed by the number of times people have donated stuff to us!! :)

  3. I was brave enough to have a yard sale years ago, but I don't think I will any time soon. I do better getting rid of stuff a little at a time. Just this morning I set a bag out for the Veteran's group. I love that I get the bag in the mail, put my stuff on the curb, and then it magically disappears with only a receipt left on the door.

  4. HI April! I know what you mean about men collecting junk. My husband loves to look at other people's garbage. "Why are they throwing that out?" We've been the rescue squad for several junked items!

    I remember when we planned to have a garage sale (husbands idea). He then got so sick we had to take him to the hospital. But, he still wanted us to carry on with the sale. That man! LOL! We didn't make much, that's for sure :)

    Hope your sale goes better than that one!


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