Tuesday, July 2, 2013

First Day-July 2013

Happy Summer! We are sure enjoying ours! Best friends are back together, enjoying swimming, playing ‘store’, building frog habitats in the backyard, and geocaching on walking trails! 

Inviting, huh? Two years ago, she couldn't swim. Now I can't keep her away from a pool! Getting out the bugs before diving in!IMG_0779Sure signs of summer!IMG_0775Umbrellas are so helpful on hot days!BFFs back together again after a month, planning their "store." Stuffed animals for sale or rent. Alex is not too sure about all this!IMG_0740IMG_0748IMG_0743IMG_0744IMG_0750IMG_0749IMG_0751IMG_0752IMG_0757IMG_0746IMG_0756IMG_0742IMG_0754IMG_0753IMG_0755IMG_0758IMG_0759IMG_0760IMG_0763IMG_0765IMG_0761IMG_0764

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