Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First Day-June 2013

 Okay, so it's not the first day of June, but it's the first day in June that I've had a chance to post my pictures!
Glade candles smell the best, but sure don't last very long! 

Filling out her end of year notebook! No more 4th Grade! 

Her Summer Read Aloud--Life with Lily! 

Yes, they are! 

Can anyone tell me what kind of flowers these are? I just love them and they grow so hardily by our door! 

Electric Company on PBS! A rite of childhood! 
Oh, yes! Summertime in Alabama calls for a few of these each week!  

Pepe Lopez, never quite sure what this black camera is when I pull it out! 

Hot, buttered popcorn! Sounds like a summertime lunch to me! 

Six months of the year gone already!!! Wow!!! Praise the Lord!! 

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