Thursday, May 9, 2013

As the Gnat Flies

The past several days I have been obsessed and about to have a nervous breakdown over the amount of gnats in my house! I have never in my life seen so many little gnats in my house! They are so hard to kill! They slip through the holes in a regular flyswatter, so I have set out vinegar traps I learned how to make from Pinterest; removed all fruit from my kitchen shelves, emptied the garbage twenty five times a day; resorted to pouring bleach down every drain in the house; and YES, I even made sure everyone was CLEAN and the BODY ODOR is kept to a minimum. 

Still, they come. 

I cannot imagine how awful it must have been when “Aaron struck the ground with his stick, and all the dust in Egypt was turned into gnats, which covered the people and the animals.” (Exodus 8:16) Yikes! I kill ten, twenty, thirty a day, and still I can NOT get a handle on them.

Until tonight.

Michael came home from work, was standing in the kitchen talking to me while I cooked supper, and was swatting at those pesky gnats.  As he stood there looking around for a source of the pain in my gnat, it hit him---a five-gallon bucket of sweet potatoes had gotten pushed up under the bar, out of sight, and was teaming with gnats when he pulled it out!  FINALLY! Mystery solved! Now I can finally get my life back. 

When I walked in the kitchen a little bit later, a house fly buzzed by my head and landed on the window. As I bopped him on the head, I realized that those pesky gnats had actually taught me a life lesson. I used to go ballistic when a single fly was in my house. I mean, all activity would cease to exist until I found and destroyed that fly—any fly. They are just nasty bugs, and I don’t want them landing anywhere near me (or my food).  But this recent plague of gnats made me realize how much worse things could be.  Oh my goodness, yes, Lord, I hear you! I will not complain about those flies ever again. I will kill them swiftly and count my blessings. 

God really does allow things to come into our lives that will help us learn. . . if we are only willing to stop swatting those gnats long enough to listen.


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