Sunday, March 24, 2013

If You Give a Kid a Camera. . .

She'll want to notice the survivors. . .

And space capsules in the sky.

She'll find joy in root structures. . .

And squeal like a girl at signs of life.

She'll make sure her best friend is not forgotten. . .

Because best friends see things that others don't.

She'll see monsters rising from the deep. . .
Or proof of other things once larger than she.

She'll see God's paint palette in carved out spaces . . .

And notice the small details right under her feet.

She'll see shady spots for resting. . .

And gently remind us all that Spring is finally here.

 Try giving your kid a camera for a day.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how differently from you they view God's world.  

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  1. I am always surprised at what I see when somebody steals my camera! I can usually guess who it is by how close to the ground the shots are.

    Stopping by from Scripture & a Snapshot.

  2. This is SO AWESOME! I will never forget some of the pics I've seen her take, and some you've told me about. It must be magical, really, to get to see the world through a little child's eyes; from the time they begin to point things out to us that our adult eyes have long ago stopped seeing. This was/is a really great post - hope to see more of Abbey's fabulous work. I'm not at ALL jealous that at 10 yrs old, she take 20x better photos than I could. No sir!

  3. Awesome. We have a budding photographer in our home too. For his birthday last month, we added to the money he's saving to purchase his "dream" camera.

  4. My kids always seem to notice the things that I take for granted. Thank you for an inspiring post. ;)

  5. I love to give my daughter my camera--she is way better at finding beauty than I am!


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