Friday, March 8, 2013

Fun Fact Friday

Taking my fellow Schoolhouse Review Crewmate Miranda Hupp's lead, I am participating in Fun Fact Friday! Hope you enjoy! 

Five things. . . my purse
1. TicTacs--been addicted since high school. Absolute necessity for church when my belly starts growling.
2. Vick's Vapo-Inhaler.  My secret, (well, not anymore) instant way to stave off a headache.
3. Covergirl Lipstick--even when you have zero makeup on, lipstick makes you look alive.
4. Abbey's asthma inhaler--praise the Lord she rarely needs it, but it is always with me.

5. Dental Floss-I am a floss-a-holic. I cannot STAND the feeling of food between my teeth. [Sorry to  gross you out.] my bedroom

  1. Renew Lotion from Melaleuca. Tea Tree Oil is the key ingredient, and it is the cure for almost every skin condition know to man.  
  2. Pack-n-Play--meant for Colby to nap in, but often the catcher of all clothes I don't feel like folding before going to bed.  
  3. Portable Heater--I often plug it in about an hour before bedtime because that end of the house is always 10 degrees colder than the rest of the house. 
  4. A corded, landline phone that is literally about 20 years old. Still works though and thankfully, has a ringer volume switch.
   5. A dust-free ceiling fan--I am so excited about this, it was one of the first things I had Michael come notice when he got home from a week-long business trip last Saturday.  He was not nearly as excited as I was. Whatev.

  .....I've always wanted to do    
1. Take my family to the Grand Canyon--I lived there when I was in 2nd grade and have always longed to return.
2. Visit every U.S. National Park.
3. Eat without gaining weight. (A girl can dream, and this is my blog, so there!)
4. Remodel my kitchen. Yes, my husband is a contractor, and no, he has not gotten around to our house yet. Alas, the cobbler's children have no shoes.

5. Find a cure for menstrual cramps and migraines.  

  .....I'm currently loving 

  1. How much Abbey is learning in the 4th grade. Every day is a new adventure and I am amazed at how much she absorbs.
2. Being a part of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine staff--such a Godly group of women and men. I am blessed.  
3. Trying new recipes. Made homemade cheesecake for the first time ever. Hope to buy a springform pan soon.  
4. The mild winter we are having in south Alabama. The warm sun is so good for my fibro pain.  
5. Getting to know my church family better. The older generation is currently doing a series of talks with our youth group and we are all learning so much about each other. 

  .....quirks I have 
1. I hate an overflowing trash can that gets ignored by the person that makes the last deposit and does nothing about it.
2. My kitchen sink needs to be empty when I go to sleep. I despise waking up to dirty dishes.
3. I eat mayonnaise on almost everything: field peas, baby limas, French fries, onion rings, grilled chicken, and just about everything savory.
4. Keeping my email inbox cleaned out.  I have more folders on my inbox sidebar than I can count. 
5.Changing my socks 2 - 3 times a day.  The least bit of sweat on my feet and I change socks. I know. I'm weird. That's why they're called "quirks."  ☺

What are some of your fun facts? I would love to hear about them! Comment, comment, comment! 

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  1. I love your honesty! Okay, I'll do one: In My Purse: Everything! Eye drops for contacts, 10 lipsticks, an old mascara, Melaleuca lotion, Melaleuca Sunscreen (2 separate bottles), raw almonds since I hate being shaky hungry, reading glasses, sun glasses, nasal spray, a change purse, a wallet, a little coupon expander file, xylitol packets (no restaurant has 'em), hair spray (NEVER enough of that), and plenty of cough drops, to which I am addicted!
    I think that's enough for now - and yeah, it IS a big purse!
    Love You!

  2. I loved reading your list! It was nice getting to know you better. :)


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