Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun Fact Friday--March 15, 2013


Let’s see, what should my categories be for this Fun Fact Friday?  How about . . .

Five things . . .

. . .I Am Praying About (in no particular order):

1.       The state of our precious nation
2.       My pastor and his marriage
3.       My husband and his marriage ☺
4.       My children and their relationships
5.       My friends struggling to heal in recovery

. . .I Enjoyed Doing This Week:

1.      Fishing with my family after church (even though the wind was blowing 20mph)
2.       Watching Abbey’s face when she won an Ipod at a Housing Fair
3.       Cuddling with my grandson Cooper (who will only cuddle with me when no one else is around)
4.       Watching Abbey’s face when she found Orion in the night sky for the first time
5.       Making homemade apple pie for my husband

. . .Within My Reach Right Now:

1.       My Bible/Prayer Journals
2.       My coffee cup
3.       The TV remote (currently watching Invention Hunters)
4.       Renew Lotion (I have a container in every room)
5.       My planner (which I don't think will make it all the way through 2013 without ripping)

. . .On My Short-term Wishlist:

1.       Sleeping through the night
2.       Organizing the office
3.       Organizing the schoolroom
4.       An entire day off to do absolutely nothing
5.       Completing our taxes

. . .On My Long-term Wishlist:

1.       Sleeping through the night
2.       Getting a boat large enough to take our whole family out
3.       Did I mention sleeping through the night?
4.       Eliminating sugar from my diet
5.       Developing a solid exercise routine

Have a great week and don’t forget to say your prayers!

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  1. Amen. Great lists...and you CAN do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you.

  2. LOVE IT - Fun Fact Friday IS fun, I didn't even know :D...


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