Monday, January 14, 2013

Virtual Curriculum Fair: Math and More!

Welcome to the second week of the VCF! I hope you are enjoying learning more about some curriculum choices you may have never considered before.  This week's theme is Discovering Patterns: Mathematics, Logic, and Science.

This week all the participants in the fair (see the bottom of my post for links to each blog) are discussing math and science-related subjects.  

Our primary source of math is BJU Press and we are currently working through Book 4.  When we first started homeschooling we used Miquon Math and Cuisenaire Rods.  I loved how these very affordable books forced the student and the teacher to think outside the box, even at the Kindergarten level.  We used all six books and before moving into BJU in 2nd grade. 

BJU is more straight-forward math worksheets that use a lot of review but also introduce new concepts fairly quickly.   

Let me interject here—I realized at the end of Abbey's 3rd grade year that she was terribly lacking in her ability to recall math facts, so before we even opened a workbook this year, we studied math facts. Every day. For six weeks!

We used a wonderful program called Times Tales. While Times Tales only deals with the upper times tables, that is usually what most students struggle to master.  Times Tales uses stories and characters to help students remember their facts.  They don’t make sense at first glance, but once the child memorizes the stories, they have memorized their facts.  It really and truly has helped Abbey, but we are still reviewing them each day.  Until she can answer them quickly, we will continue to work on them.  Knowing the basic math facts will make ALL other maths to come a piece of cake, or at least not a complete struggle to learn. 

Back to BJU workbooks—straightforward and clean.  A good mix of new problems, story problems and review problems.  I like them enough to keep using them and to recommend them to any of you, but I don’t like them so much that I won’t switch if I find something better.  I am anxious to read what other moms are using.  

Critical Thinking—This is one of the subjects we cover each day, but not always formally.  I highly recommend any of the Tin Man Press series of worksheets.  These worksheets are written for Learning Enrichment classes across the nation and really allow the child to think in different ways, and focus on following directions (whose child doesn’t need help with that!).  We sometimes use our Critical Thinking time to play a game of Chess or Uno as well. 

There you have it! My choices for math and critical thinking.  Head on over to some of the other great blogs to see what works (and doesn’t ) for others!  I bet you’ll learn a lot! 

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2013 Virtual Curriculum Fair- Discovering Patterns: Mathematics,
Logic, and Science by Leah C @ As We Walk Along the Road

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Planted Trees

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  1. I've found that most math programs (and I've tried a lot of math programs) are not sufficient for cementing the math facts, they need to be supplemented with games or other activities. She'll get them, though, it just takes a few minutes a day over the long-haul. And thank you for linking to Tin Man Press---yet another resource for me to check out. ;0)

    Thank you for participating in the Virtual Curriculum Fair this week!

  2. This is AWESOME information, I'm going to post this to Face Book for other home-schooling Moms I know. They may be way ahead of me, but just in case! Thank you for this - that Abbey of ours is going to be AWESOME, no matter what - but this will surely assist in that Process. :D..


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