Saturday, January 19, 2013

Running a Fever

There is just nothing like having a sick baby (and yes, I still refer to her as my baby).  My nine-year old is absolutely miserable with the flu and I just hate it. Other than keeping her pumped with fluids, meds and love, I feel pretty helpless.  My goal at this point is to keep her out of the hospital and on the path to healing so she will be able to ride that Powerwing scooter of hers again. [SIDE NOTE: Have you seen a Powerwing? It is the coolest, non-motorized scooter ever! You have to wiggle your hips side to side to provide momentum to make the scooter move.  It took Abbey about five minutes to master it; it took me about five minutes to get inches away from calling 911--I went one direction and the scooter went the other. (Let's just say, they should’ve named me “Grace”.).] Anywho. . .

Last night, after telling Abbey she had a 101-degree temperature, she asked me all about a fever: 'What is it exactly? Why do you get one? So it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing? So your body is fighting to get better? So it’s your body’s way of telling you something’s wrong?'

Patiently answering the questions of my flush-cheeked little girl, I realized how much the Holy Spirit operates like a fever for our souls.  It is our warning system; our dog in the fight; our gatekeeper.  It is how God made us.  

The key is to pay attention to when that Holy Spirit fever is working in us.  Getting in the Word can help. Getting still and quiet can help. Whatever. It. Takes. 

Failing to recognize the fever can cause a ton of pain and unnecessary weakness in our bodies and in our souls.  

Maybe that Holy Spirit fever is telling us to:

·         ~Forgive.

·         ~Be forgiven.

·         ~Reach out to the hurting.

·         ~Pray more.

·         ~Talk less.

·         ~Listen more.

·         ~Love the unlovable. 

   Are you running  a fever? 

And don’t you think the Father who conceived you in love will give the Holy Spirit when you ask him?”  Luke 11:10

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