Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, 2012 was the Year of Blessings, no doubt, so I am very excited to see what the Lord has in store for us on our Great Adventure in the new year.  I don't really make resolutions, but certainly, there are some things I want to accomplish:
1)  Like so many of my friends, I am focusing on being thankful, so we created our own Joy Jar—We will write down at least one thing per DAY that happened that we considered a blessing.  On December 31, 2013, Lord willing, we will pull out all 365 (or more) slips of paper and read them to remind us of God’s hand over us.

2)      Simplify my life.  I want to say “no” to the world more often and “yes” to God more often.

3)      Kiss my husband more often. God has worked miracle after miracle of both small and large healing in our marriage, and we are both so fully aware of this. It is fun to honor him and watch how God blesses us for it.

4)      Read a bedtime story every night to Abbey—we were doing this like clockwork and then I allowed work and television to take over that time.  Our children are only little once, so I am going to walk away from the distractions and focus on that wonderful cuddle time with my youngest.

5)      Play with my grandson more often!

6)      Pray more and worry less.  (Stop laughing. I really am going to try to worry less.)

7)      Drink more water.

8)      Write more. Talk less. Listen, listen, listen. 

   ~I know not what tomorrow holds, but I know Who holds   tomorrow!  Happy New Year!~



  1. I have decided to do this also, with regard to the jar of joy; I saw a post from a friend, and thought, "What a GREAT idea!". I also resolve to do your #8, more or less - I have resolved to LOVE MY LOVED ONES more than ever, better than ever, and for me? That means playing shutty with my own comments and listening to theirs.
    I look forward to seeing what 2013 does in your life, too - I pray that you find less worry; I didn't laugh when I read that!
    I love you!

  2. I love your list, April! When you get the worrying less thing down, let me know how to do it! ;)

    1. Haha! I sure will! (But don't hold your breath).

  3. I like the Joy Jar. I've seen several variations on that around this year, and it looks like a good idea.

  4. Love your goals for the new year! The joy jar is a great idea and I have seen this idea floating around a lot this year and I would like to give it a try too. I was thinking about this for a few weeks now and I don't know if I will be consistent enough to write down something everyday. But I know I could write something down at the end of each week or the end of each month and still have several joyful things to share at the end of the year. So I'm going to give it version of this a try.

    I wish you the best this coming year! Be blessed!


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