Thursday, November 15, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile

Abbey says, "What is the largest number called? Is it 'Beyond'?"  I looked and her said, "Huh?"  She said, "I thought it was something Buzz Lightyear says."  (Too Infinity and Beyond)
In the shower this morning, Abbey got water (not soap) in her eyes and screams, "I need a washcloth for my eyes!! I am PANICKING!!!!!"  
My job as a sales support manager for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine keeps me very busy and today I realized that maybe I need to learn to balance my work life with my home life just a little better.  I get an email in my work inbox from Abbey, who had gone to the other computer in the house to type it.  The email said, "Mama, are we going to finish schoolwork or am I done?"  


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