Tuesday, October 16, 2012

100 Things About Me???

A friend of mine wrote a 100 Things blog post on her blog and I really enjoyed learning more about her.  It became a challenge to write my own 100 Things post and still glorify God in doing so. If you're reading this, you probably already know these things about me. Regardless, here you go:

1.       I am pro-Jesus. (That means I believe there is only one way to Heaven).
2.       I accepted Jesus when I was four years old.
3.       I am anti-religiosity. I strongly dislike when rules and regulations get in the way of a real relationship with God.
4.       I am pro-life.
5.       I am pro-marriage. Even though I have not always been successful at it.
6.       I am married to my best friend--he keeps me from taking myself too seriously and makes me laugh every day.
7.       I take myself too seriously.
8.       I gave birth to three children.
9.       My son was a twin, but I didn’t know it until birth because I had no ultrasounds with him. Two sacks; only one baby survived. It has always made me wonder if that is why Connor is so comfortable about death and attending funerals. Seriously.
10.   I am a stepmom to one daughter, but she feels like my own and I always think of her as mine.
11.   I am very saddened by the pain that my stepdaughter is currently putting us through. It couldn’t hurt more if she had my blood in her veins. It couldn’t.
12.   I have fostered four newborn babies.
13.   Fostering has changed my life forever, in a very positive way.
14.   I am a grandmother! He is such a precious soul and brings so much joy to my life. It is so fun watching my daughter be a mama to him. 
15.   I am considered a young grandmother, but an older mother to my 9 yr old. I love the looks we get when we’re all together.  People are just trying to figure it out.
16.   I make even simple tasks complicated all the time sometimes.
17.   I over-analyze pretty much everything.
18.   I love to cook but rarely have the time.
19.   I have only been to two music concerts in my whole life.  Both were Christian artists.
20.   I can play piano a little bit and I admire those who do it well.
21.   I believe music and art education are important to develop a well-rounded student.
22.   I am a speed reader, but sometimes I miss important details.
23.   I have six sisters, but grew up with only two of them.
24.   I did get the privilege of knowing my biological father for a short time.
25.   I don’t believe God makes mistakes, especially when it comes to unplanned pregnancies.
26.   I love talking to the older generation and gleaning wisdom from those who have gone before me. 
27.   I am pro-homeschooling, but I don’t judge those who aren’t. I homeschool my 9-year-old daughter.
28.   I am a homeschool curriculum junkie and I love finding new stuff from great minds out there.
29.   Homeschooling only one child is a bigger challenge than I ever thought it would be; she can push many, MANY buttons of a 44-yr old mama.
30.   I am learning that even nine-year-olds can absorb a LOT of info in one day’s time.  Amazing. 
31.   I love playing competitive, indoor volleyball.
32.   I coached volleyball at the community college level and at the high school level.
33.   I attended eight different U.S. schools before graduating from high school.
34.   I attended second grade at the Grand Canyon Village. Yes, that Grand Canyon.
35.   I have an AA degree in General Studies from Alabama Southern.
36.   I have a BA degree in Business from Faulkner University.
37.   I have a MA degree in Management from the University of Phoenix.
38.   I love to read, but rarely have the time to go as deep as want into some subjects.
39.   I believe my spiritual gifts are discernment and intercession.
40.   I was born in North Carolina.
41.   I live in Alabama.
42.   I survived Hurricane Ivan.
43.   I wasn’t able to get to my sick and dying grandfather in NC before he died, and had to leave NC before his funeral because of Hurricane Ivan damage to our home and community.
44.   I am a forgiven sinner.
45.   In my twenties, I was bulimic and addicted to exercise.
46.   I now have severe fibromyalgia and strongly believe it is connected to the abuse I put my body through in my twenties.
47.   I believe chronic pain forces you to your knees before the Lord on a daily basis.
48.   I believe God allows thorns in our flesh to keep us close to Him.
49.   I am forever amazed by Amazing Grace, in my life and in others’.
50.   I work for the publisher of a national homeschooling magazine.
51.   I feel so blessed to be able to work from home and make a contribution to our household income.
52.   I went Christmas caroling last year and got to hold Harper Lee’s hand after singing for her. Yes, that Harper Lee.
53.   I love my church family. It is the sweetest-spirited church I have ever attended.
54.   I am a better writer than I am a speaker.
55.   I always think of a good comeback two hours after the moment is past.
56.   I prefer real books to e-books.
57.   I still read bedtime stories to my youngest.
58.   I learn something new every day, especially during schoolwork with Abbey.
59.   I was a timid, shy, little girl.
60.   Now I am a stronger, shy, big girl.
61.   David Letterman still makes me laugh.
62.   Tom Selleck still makes me swoon.
63.   I miss my grandparents every single day of my life.
64.   I am homesick for heaven, but don’t want to die yet. My heart is ready if I should.
65.   I hate the bias in American media.
66.   I wish American soldiers got more credit.
67.   I wish the death of American soldiers got more press.
68.   I think teachers, cops and EMT’s don’t get paid enough.
69.   I am pro-coffee.
70.   I have been drinking coffee since I was 14 years old.
71.   I am thankful but not nearly enough.
72.   I still believe in fairies, angels, Santa Claus and miracles. Well, at least two of those.
73.   The Sound of Music was my favorite movie when I was little. When my dad crashed his airplane the same night I watched it one year, I stopped watching it. He survived (barely), but I thought the two events were connected somehow.  I was 16, so that may have something to do with that line of thinking.
74.   The Princess Bride then became my new favorite movie.
75.   I was sexually abused as a little girl by an older family member.  
76.   I was healed from that hurt by a very loving God and some wonderful angels He placed in my life to help me, although I didn’t tell anyone about it until I was an adult.
77.   I used to be ashamed of my body and my less than perfect frame.
78.   I now am proud of my curves, but I sure would like to lose about 10 pounds.
79.   I prefer sweet over savory or salty. Perhaps that explains why I still need to lose 10 pounds.
80.   I pray every day all day.  About big stuff and little stuff. Like the upcoming election and close parking places at Walmart.
81.   I miss snail mail and wish people still wrote real letters.
82.   I was living in Germany when the Berlin Wall came down. Very neat experience.
83.   I want to learn how to work on a car, you know, like a mechanic.
84.   I want to visit Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Colorado and Wyoming, in that order.
85.   I want to visit every National Park in the United States, even the ones I have already been to.
86.   If I won the lottery (which I never will, because I never play) I would pay off all my debts and then all my family members’ debts and then build as many homeless and women’s shelters and boys’ and girls’ homes as I possibly could. 
87.   If money was not an object, I would give it out randomly to strangers on a daily basis, just for fun.
88.   I love to go fishing, but mainly because the water calms my soul—not because I enjoy worm spit on my hands.
89.   I am getting close, but I am unsure if I can think of 100 things to write.
90.   I like a lot of different kinds of music--but I strongly dislike opera, jazz, and anything from the 70s.
91.   I love the smell of gas, but hate the smell of exhaust fumes.
92.    I love tuna cold but hate it warm. Tuna is the only fish I will eat. 
93.   I recently witnessed (I heard it happen and then saw the aftermath) a fatal motorcycle wreck and it may never leave my mind. I have to drive by the scene almost every day, so that doesn’t help much.
94.   I have experienced horrific nightmares since I was 16--like, horror-movie stuff kind of nightmares. Crazy stuff.
95.   I have come to the conclusion that most people you meet really are great people.
96.   I believe that giving to others is one of the main points that God is trying to get through our thick skulls. In giving, we live. We are just wired that way.
97.   I have learned this one the hard way: if God doesn’t get the glory, I don’t get the blessing.
98.   I love to write but don’t for a minute think someone would still be reading what I have written here.
99.   I can’t tell you how many weeks I have worked to make this list, but I have enjoyed the challenge of keeping it real and yet still bringing honor to God.
100.  I love finding new bloggers to follow, so if you have a blog, please post a link to it in the comments!                    
If you're still reading at this point, you are probably related to me, but thank you anyway!     


  1. LOL! I read it all the way through and I'm not related to you (well, not in that way!!). Great list April. We have evn more in common than I previously thought!! :-)

  2. THIS, my Sister, is AWESOME! There were a few things in here that touched my soul. There were others that I cannot BELIEVE I didn't know about you, having known you all of my life.I read some that I SURELY knew but forgot? There were still others that I remember clearly, but not in numbers (such as how many schools)...I am also simply amazed at the variety of things you shared, the candid honesty and how you DID Glorify God with you sharing. I think one of these days, I'll write, just for me, 100 thing. You are inspiring, and I wouldn't say you're still a shy person at all. That doesn't mean you aren't still, but it DOES mean you've overcome it in your actions towards strangers.
    Excellent read, great post, THANK YOU for sharing :-)

  3. Wow! Lots shared here. You have some beautiful thanksgiving mixed in with tragedy, and I love the way you share about Jesus. Now I feel like I know you- at least a bit.

  4. Love this!! It is fun to find out random...and not so random things about people. :)


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