Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mockingbirds and Angels

Walking outside yesterday, I observed a mockingbird attacking a huge blackbird three times its size.  The blackbird had ventured too close to the mockingbird's nest. I just love how they are not afraid to defend their young, even it means facing the giants. Those mockingbirds mean business, I tell ya. She chased that blackbird for a long distance, diving and snapping at the enemy bird's backside all the way.

Do you ever feel that way when someone you love is threatened?  Yep, we all do. We want to chase away all evil that comes near them.  But unfortunately, we can't, in our human limitations, protect them from all this crazy world throws at them.

When my older children were still young, I taught them the power of calling on angels to help protect them. I don't mean the fat, sweet, cherub-looking things you see on greeting cards and in mainstream media.  No, I mean the kind in the Bible, that are strong, muscular angels willing to fight for us. The kind like Archangel Michael. The kind that only get stronger as we pray for them. 

In fact, I told my children that as we prayed to God for angels to be with us all around our home, the strongest ones would take their posts at the four corners of our roof and set up watch so that we could rest.  The glory around them and thus, around our house, would be so bright that no evil could come near.   We prayed it around our house, our street, our neighborhood and our town.  Every night. Without fail.  

Just like the mockingbird that takes rest on the highest point it can find in order to survey its territory for intruders, our angels will watch from the absolute best vantage point possible in order to protect us from the enemies of our souls; the angels who work for the bad angel, mob boss himself---Satan.

Because we can't always see the evil coming before it gets too close, they will watch for us. They will intervene and protect us; they can do nothing else when we pray for them. I believe it is their eternal job description. 

They will make us misplace our car keys so we are late and avoid the traffic accident. (And you thought you were just absent-minded). 

They will keep the heavy objects from falling on us until just after we pass by.
They will keep our feet from slipping on the wet rocks. 

They silently hold us with their mighty wings and safely lead us home.

Prayer changes things

And prayer changes God's warrior angels.

Maybe you don't believe in mighty angels or the power or prayer. Maybe you believe everything is coincidence. That is a personal choice, as are all things in a relationship with the Lord. 

Though I never see them with human eyes, I don't want to take a chance that the guardian angel warriors with whom God has so graciously assigned me and my family won't be there, so I will continue to pray for their strength to be greater.  

I don't want any blackbirds around my nest tonight. 

"How then can evil overtake me? For he orders his angels to protect me wherever I go." Psalm 91:11-12 


  1. I LOVE this painting's depiction of the mighty Warrior Angel! So beautiful, so powerful. I love to read stories of those who've seen them, experienced them directly. I pray for Angles to protect many people I love too!
    This is beautiful, and so powerful a word to my heart and soul.
    Thank you for sharing your amazing heart - your kids are lucky children :-)

  2. This came up on my memory line on Face Book; I read it aloud to Tracy, and was barely able to continue, choking back the tears that this moving, beautiful and oh so needed blog post brought to me. I, too, love the Angels, and need to definitely be in prayer to and for them more often than I remember to be. I love you more than you'll ever know!


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