Friday, April 19, 2013

Fun Fact Friday--April 19th, 2013

Five Facts For Which I am Thankful:

1.  April showers that bring May flowers. 

2.  A warm heating pad after a restless night. 
3.  Living in a small town where neighbors look out for each other. 
4.  A full freezer and a full belly
5.  My funny, funny grandson who is not shy about entertaining us.  

 Joining my friend Miranda at:

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  1. I love Fun Fact Friday! I love me some Cooper-dooper too :D.
    Have an AWESOME weekend!

  2. I am giving this a try today! Come read my randomness! ;-)

  3. I love small towns too! I would be fully content to live in a real life Mayberry. :)

  4. All very wonderful things!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comment on my review!


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