Monday, February 6, 2017

The Last Ride by Susan K. Marlow {A Review}

It is no secret that we are huge Susan K. Marlow fans in this household--we've been reading Circle C Adventures books for over five years now.  It's been fun to watch my daughter grow up as the main character in the books does as well.  

In this installment, Andrea Carter (Andi) is now 16 years old, becoming more and more independent, and facing some of the toughest challenges to date.  As her cousin Daniel's family sends him to the ranch for 'rehab', he brings with him tons of mischief and criminal behavior which wreaks havoc on the family business and into Andi's personal life. 

After a horrible accident injures Andi and her beloved horse Taffy, Andi must face one of the hardest physical and emotional comebacks of her life.  Learning to forgive is harder than she could ever imagine.  I love the honest way Andrea must face that task, as it strikes a nerve for all of us who have struggled to do so.  

Weaving intrigue and human struggle through her stories, author Susan Marlow is the best at helping young adults learn to filter tough challenges through the light of the Lord.  One of the best benefits to Mrs. Marlow's books is her equally well-done study guides.  These are free, full of supplemental learning opportunities which help the story come to life even more for the reader.  Here are some sample pages from the 41-pp study guide for The Last Ride: 

As always, I highly encourage your young readers to grab all of the readers offered by Marlow. Parents, you do not have to worry about what your child may be reading--it's a safe zone here!  You can purchase the entire series in Circle C Milestones on Amazon or through Susan's author site found here.  This installment does not disappoint, and my daughter and I both can't wait to read the next chapter in the series, Courageous Love

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