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Logic of English Essentials 2nd Edition {A Review}

Looking for a solid language arts program for your students? You owe it to your child to at least take time to consider this amazing program from author Denise Eide---Logic of English.

I reviewed an earlier version of this program a few years ago, so I was looking forward to seeing the updates in this edition of Essentials.  As an older child, Abbey is on the upper end of the age range for this program,  but that allowed us to focus on the Level C, and really discover new facets of it.  But let's start at the beginning......

At its core, Logic of English (LOE) is an unbelievably detailed phonetic learning program that helps students learn the correct spellings of phonic sounds from the very beginning. Learning how to spell the sounds the students hears sets them up for later success in reading and in spelling.  LOE breaks down the mechanics of learning in ways that no other current program on the market can match. 

Check out the scope and sequence for even more details

Here's how we used it

In the Teacher's Edition (a must have), the lessons are broken into sections based on the skill level of your students--Levels A, B, and C.  The method for learning to spell includes saying the word, finger spelling the word, analyzing which phonogram to use, writing the word, and then analyzing the word for which part of speech it is.  This method works many different parts of the brain, and this is part of what makes it successful. 

We chose to focus on Level C because of Abbey's age and skill level, but I also want to share with you some of the amazing components of the system for all levels: 

Phonogram cards--Coordinating perfectly with the lesson plans, each week your child will be learning new phonograms and the sounds each letter or combination of letters make.  Remember, this work may seem tedious, but there is a method behind it and trusting the system is crucial to success.  I highly recommend purchasing the LOE app for your phone or tablet, because the phonogram cards coordinate nicely with it as well and it adds another level of learning to the mix. 

  • Essentials Teacher's Guide, Volume 1--The newly updated teacher's guide is so well laid out and user-friendly, I consider it a must-have to be successful with this program.  It takes out the tough work for you, and allows you to teach LOE like a pro! 

  • Essentials Student Workbook, Volume 1--You'll need this workbook and a spelling journal for each student in your home, as they are consumable, but you will be glad they have their own space to write and learn and grow in their language mastery. 
  • Spelling Journal--Three levels of spelling lists are included. Definitions and Greek and Latin roots are discussed, and parts of speech are also addressed. It's a spelling list on steroids--it's awesome! 

  • Spelling Rule Flash Cards--These are an amazing reference for the entire program and beyond. We will be referring to these for many years to come.  

  • Grammar Flash Cards---Another wonderful resource, these flash cards cover the basic rules of grammar, and I allowed my daughter to keep them with her on her desk as she worked through the program. 

  • Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards--Once your students have mastered the basic phonograms, they are ready to move to these advanced combinations.  I recommend not skipping purchasing this set. 
  • Morpheme Flash Cards, Set 1--We used this set more than any of the others, because we focused so much on spelling and vocabulary. These are just chock full of information on each card. They are color-coded and help students learn roots, prefixes, and suffixes, and how they all work together.  My daughter's spelling ability increased exponentially over the three months we used this! We spent a lot of time discussing each root and its meaning, so that when she sees that root again, she can have a better understanding of what the new word may mean.  I was so pleased with her amazing knowledge of vocabulary as well. Even if she wasn't necessarily using the new words each week in her normal conversation, she would recognize it when she heard it in other conversations in person or on television.  

  • Phonogram Game Cards--Throughout the program, games are interjected to help your students really solidify in their minds, the concepts they are learning along the way.  The game cards and games tiles are used in a very purposeful manner and not JUST for filling time and space.   They are available in manuscript, cursive, and standard bookface. 

  • Phonogram Game Tiles---These color-coded tiles are super helpful for teaching your younger ones--The set includes all of the 74 basic phonograms taught in Logic of English® curriculum, not just the A-Z letters!

The bottom line: 

       My daughter who is now an 8th grader, who had been a struggling reader, has a much better understanding of the English language, is a  much better reader, and even increased her spelling skills--a feat I did NOT think possible at the beginning of the school year.  

    The entire set of Essentials 2nd Edition is currently on sale for $198 and includes all of the    above, plus more! You can also purchase each item individually on their website.  Do yourself a favor and read more about the 'how' and 'why' it works so well!  

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