Thursday, February 12, 2015

Heroines of the Past Bible Study by Amy Puetz {A Review}

     My daughter and I were excited to 

see this Bible study from Amy Puetz. Having 

previously reviewed Amy's history program  

Costumes with Character, we knew we were in 

for a treat!  Heroines of the Past did  not 

disappoint.  This Bible study is completely FREE 

and is full of adventurous stories of brave 

young women of the past, many of whom you  

and your student may recognize. You can 

get started by signing up HERE!

     Three weeks, five days a week, Amy Puetz 

emailed us our Bible study for the day.  We would 

read  the story of the day's heroine out loud, and 

then Abbey would answer the discussion 

questions in her notebook.  As suggested by Amy, 

we purchased a special notebook for her to use for 

this study,  and she decorated a small basket in 

which to place items which related to the day's 


     Each day's lesson took about 30 minutes to 

complete, and we loved having this meatier study 

for her.   The unique format of this study, with its 

living book format and related Bible study was 

perfect my  visual learner. She especially enjoyed 

having a new reason to look up Bible verses (she 

tries to beat me to the verse).  Some of the stories 

of the courageous heroines of the past were 

presented in more than one part.  On those days 

when we had to wait for the next part of the story 

to come in our inbox, Abbey was anxiously 

waiting to hear what happened to our heroine.  

     Amy Puetz is a homeschool graduate with a 

great love for history, and her passion for the 

heroines of the past comes through in her writing 

in this Heroines of the Past Bible Study. I highly 

recommend it as a sweet time with your daughter, 

or even as a standalone Bible study for yourself.  

    Be sure and check out all of her wonderful 

products for your homeschool!  

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