Friday, October 18, 2013

(Review) God's World News: News Current

If you're like me, you probably prefer to shelter your kids from the harsh presentation of world news from our biased media stations.  That being said, my husband and I do believe that our daughter is now old enough  (5th grade) for her to be aware of current events and the world beyond her little town.  I am excited to tell you that through our latest product review, we have found a solution to exposing her to the world of current events around her, while still sheltering her from all the personal opinions of the broadcast networks:  God's World News, and specifically for Abbey's age: News Current

God's World News is, in short, a news magazine for kids, chock full of current events and special interest stories, written from a Christian perspective.  They offer several different levels of subscriptions from which to choose: 

  • God's Big World (PK - K) 
  • Early Edition (Gr. 1 -2)
  • News Flash (Gr. 3 -4)
  • News Current (Gr. 5 - 6)
  • Top Story (Middle School)
  • Trak (High School) 

Each issue of News Current is seriously jam-packed with current stories.  There is a theme in each magazine, such as people on the move (refugees), special youth sports stars, geography, or animals, and a special section relating to that theme.  Your subscription will include the following: 

  • Full-year subscriptions include 10 big, full-color, monthly issues (every month except December & May).
  • 32 pages per issue, filled with age-appropriate news and activities.
  • Children's website access at
  • Weekly email newsletter for parents and teachers, including answer keys to the magazine quizzes and puzzles.
  • Biographies and topical lessons to download and print, with quizzes and answer keys.
  • No charge for regular shipping and handling! (1st class delivery available at additional charge.)

The cost for each annual subscription is $28. We were able to use each issue as our history, reading, geography, science, and world view lesson---that's a wonderful value! There is even an included 20" x 30" wall map of the world to allow you to discuss each area of the world as it relates to the news stories found within each issue.  [Who knew Sri Lanka was right below India? Well, I do now.] The map is sent with the September issue. 

I allow Abbey to choose two articles in the issue each day and read it on her own. We then discuss it, with help from review questions found in the back of each issue.  She truly has learned so much from these well written articles.  The writers of News Current give the heart and soul behind the stories to help the students relate to the information.  

Another great feature we love: The search for bold print words in the issue.  What better way for kids to increase their vocabulary but to see it used correctly in a sentence and to use the context clues around it to figure out its meaning?!  A multiple choice quiz in each issue helps your student determine if they have grasped it. 

As an additional bonus, each subscription includes a brand new digital supplement, via the God's World News digital content site, found here.  Using your member number, you will have access to special activities, additional stories, the answer key to any puzzles found in the hard copy issue, and more.  Being able to add more visual content for my daughter was a wonderful addition to the subscription. 

There are a ton of sections to explore, with different topics within each section. Here's a sampling from the members-only website: 

Not to be left out, God's World News even offers World Magazine, a full-color magazine for adults who would like to have a publication to read that filters out all the garbage and brings us the truth behind the current events. I am a self-proclaimed news junkie, and I love the 'story behind the story' that the writers and editors of World Magazine bring to life. World is a leader in the industry, and well worth the $4.98/month cost to subscribe.

Want to learn more about the wonderful products from God's World News? Click here or on the banner below to learn what other Schoolhouse Crew Review homeschool moms had to say about using the wonderful magazines from God's World News with their own students: 

Ready to subscribe to News Current or any of the other offerings?  Click here to sign up! You'll be so glad you did!

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  1. Hi April! This looks like a great series for kids, and I think the best part is your discussion after reading. That way, you can see how your child is taking in the news, and help make sense of it all. Good for you for addressing this in your school day. I think it's important for all children to have a sense of the big world out there. And that it's not always a scary place.

    It's filled with wonderful people like you :)

  2. We read TRAK and WORLD. We all love them both and almost fight over them when they arrive in the mail :)


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