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(Review) Christianity Cove-100 Simple Service Projects

We were honored to be chosen to review Christianity Cove's 100 Simple Service Projects for Children's Ministry because I am constantly seeking out new ways for my children to look beyond themselves and ways to build the character of the youth in my care.  Now only homeschooling my 9-year-old 4th grader, this project intrigued me.  I want Abbey to be a servant for our Lord, and for that service to come very naturally for her. 

100 Simple Service Projects is so neat in its approach.  Author Mary-Kate Warner has compiled over 100 of the most creative ideas for projects for our children! By teaching the children all the levels of service available to them, the goals for outreach are really attainable, and not just something they watch others on TV doing while they sit on the sidelines. 

First and foremost, we learned that charity starts at home.  Per the lessons, Abbey made coupons for the family.  She made a wonderful coupon for me to wash my truck.  And wash my truck she did, not even worrying about getting her favorite dress and boots wet! The neighborhood kids even decided to join in and help! 

Next, Abbey was taught to look around the neighborhood for ways to help our friends.  I love how 100 Simple Service Projects provides so many great ideas for the kids.  This one she really had fun with.  Our elderly neighbors were so excited to see her reaching out. She printed off the following three coupons:

1.      Walk Penny (the next door neighbors’ dog)
2.      Trim the rose bushes
3.      Take the trash can to the corner three weeks in a row

 Third, 100 Simple Service Projects instructed Abbey to look beyond her neighborhood to her community.  This one took more thought for my daughter.  It just so happened, though, that the week she was trying to decide what to do on the suggested list, one of our foster babies came to live with us for a while.  Our family is the transition home from birth mom to forever family and Abbey has been a huge part of that process for all six of foster babies.  Being a foster family takes huge sacrifice; all of us fall in love with these little souls, and saying goodbye is so hard.  Being a servant for the Lord takes sacrifice and is sometimes very hard; being a foster family is certainly a service project that Abbey will forever remember. Yes, a kid can change the world.

 100 Simple Service Projects is an absolutely wonderful tool to have for all children—both in the homeschool setting and in the children’s church ministry.  Michael and I are also youth leaders at church, and we are so excited about getting that group of young kids to think outside their worlds. 

In addition to the projects we chose to do, 100 Simple Service Projects also covers ideas like:

  • Serving the Elderly
  • Services for Children
  • Services for Animals
  • Services for the Environment
  • Services for Wildlife
  • Helping Kids Who Want to Start Their Own Charity

And I especially found the section about which charities are safe for us to financially contribute very helpful.  This wonderful resource provides links to the biggest, most well-known and most trustworthy charities.  All charities listed have met the standards of Forbes, Charity Navigation, Charity Watchdog, and the Better Business Bureau.  

If you need some fresh ideas for helping your children look beyond themselves and become the true servants that this world desperately needs them to be, I encourage you to take time to visit Christianity Cove, download some of their free lessons, and learn more about 100 Service Projects for Children's Ministry

Recommended Ages: PreK - 6th Grade

Cost: $19.95 

Delivery: PDF Ebook Instant Download 

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  1. Love this post! My kids had fun with this book too. Stopping by from the Crew link up.

  2. This looks like a wonderful book! I am wanting to incorporate more service learning projects into our week and year. Thank you for sharing your experiences in your review.


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