Friday, May 3, 2013

(REVIEW) Handcrafted Soap by MBK Creations


It is so fun to step out of the homeschooling curriculum mode sometimes and have the opportunity to review fun things like these beautiful handmade goat's milk soaps from MBK Creations.  

This precious family, led by Rhen and her husband Mark, have eight beautiful children and are fellow Alabamians, which I love.  She blogs about homemaking, homesteading and homeschooling over at her blog Yes, They're All Mine!  (Don't you love that blog title?!)

I requested only one scent from their website and Rhen was kind enough to allow me to try five different soaps!! I was so thrilled to receive the package! What a great surprise! 

My favorite scent was Adventurous Turtle! It immediately took me back forty years to my grandparents bathroom and the glorious scent of  "clean" that I remember so strongly.  It was an emotional experience, honestly, to inhale this soap and think about them.  Adventurous Turtle's ingredients include Saponified (my new favorite word) Goat Milk, castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, Geranium essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil (a healer of all things), Rosemary essential oil, and French green clay.   

My hubby and my daughter liked Wake Me Up, Baby! the best! It has a soft mint scent to it, with the Spearmint essential oil as one of the ingredients, and it is so pleasing to the senses! Other ingredients are Pink Grapefruit essential oil,  Bergamot essential oil, and Blue Poppy Seeds. I had to Google "Bergamot" because I had never heard of it.  It is one of the ingredients in Earl's Grey Tea! It is great for oily and troubled skin.   The Blue Poppy Seeds add a bit of exfoliating help to the soap, which my husband loved. 

Another great scent included in our package was Hot ~n~ Spicy.  We currently have this one in our soap dish and it has such a warm scent that I wish I had a candle in this scent so I could have that aroma throughout my whole house! The ingredients include Orange essential oil and Clove essential oil, the source of the gorgeous scent. 

Another divine and unique scent in my fun goat's milk soap package from MBK Creations, was Spiced Mocha Latte--all of the soaps' names make me smile.  This one includes Clove essential oil, Cinnamon essential oils, coffee and ground nutmeg.  You'll be tempted to drink it! 

 Do you see the little cream-colored packages in the picture above? Those are soap "pockets" and can be ordered in any scent on their site.  Rhen sent me Skydiving Diva and this has been such a hit with my daughter.  It is a GREAT way to get your kids to use soap--it's built in to this pocket.  You just wet the soap pocket with warm water, massage to work soap through the pocket, and gently scrub skin until clean.  The pocket is made of organic cotton, of course.  It's soap and a washcloth in one!

MBK Creations--Handmade Goat Milk Soap also has beautiful Facebook page and I encourage you to head over there and "like" them and join the conversation.   While you're there, check out their salt scrubs and other scents that are available!

The older I get, the more I appreciate organic products.  I read about so many harmful toxins and parabens in products that are sold over the counter these days, and it makes my heart hurt to think about knowingly putting that junk on mine and my families' bodies.  One of the easiest ways to convert your home to organic and non-toxic living is to seek out products like these.  

All soaps are $4.00 per bar.  The more you buy, the better the price gets per bar.  Right now, MBK Creations is offering 3 bars for $10.00 + shipping.  If you purchase 5 bars at $4.00 each, shipping is free to the continental United States.  Click here for more info.
I encourage you to take time to support small businesses like these that work so hard to support their families with high quality products!  I was honored to have been included on this review!  

Keep checking WAHM Reviews Facebook Page, my Coffee, Cobwebs, and Curriculum Facebook Page, and MBK Creations Facebook Page for information on an upcoming GIVEAWAY from MBK Creations!   

 Disclaimer: I received these soaps in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review, and I was not compensated in other way.

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