Thursday, March 21, 2013

(REVIEW) Hippie Chick Herbal Harmony

I am so blessed to be able to you all about a wonderful business called Hippie Chick Herbal Harmony.  This website and business, started by a cancer survivor named Kristi, offers all natural, chemical-free products like essential oils, homeopathic tinctures, mud masks, and bath scrubs. Her products are also very affordable, and make wonderful gifts for anyone on your list. 

I was fortunate enough to be able to review  three of her most popular products: Detox Your Socks Off Bath Salts, Body Butter-Creamcicle, Sea Salt Scrub-Invigorating Orange Mint.
If you’re like me, you LOVE your bath time. A chance to relax in a hot bath and think about yourself (gasp!) for 15 minutes is so wonderful.  The first time I ran a bath and added Detox Your Socks Off Bath Salts, I was in love. 


The light ginger scent fills the room and immediately relaxes your senses. The directions recommend running a 1/2 cup under your running bath water, and because of the epsom salts in the mixture, it also recommends drinking lots of water to help the detoxification process. I did follow those instructions with great results.  Here’s a description from Kristi’s website: “With a blend of the finest Epsom salts, Sea salts, Powders, soda, Organic herbs, Freshly ground ginger, and Essential oils, a perspiration-promoting effect will occur, possibly even after the bath, depending on your body’s need to eliminate harmful toxins.”  I  honestly felt so good after that first bath with Detox Your Socks Off! Bath Salts, I couldn’t wait for the next night and an opportunity to try it again.  If you’re a bath lover, I strongly encourage you to try this great product!
With my morning shower (I’m a clean person this week), I gave the Sea Salt Scrub a try! I was given the Invigorating Orange-Mint, and it is a very mild, citrus-y and minty scent--very, very pleasant for a morning wake-up shower!  And how much do you love putting stuff on your body that has ingredients you can pronounce?  No parabens, no chemicals, just sea salt and essential oils and good stuff !  I used it as a exfoliator on my thighs (hey, that cellulite won’t fight itself) and on my face.  I have an extremely sensitive face in terms of product usage, so I am pleased to announce that I had no adverse reactions to the scrub, only a squeaky clean face! Love it! 

And, now, last but not least, my absolute favorite of the trio I got to review--Creamcicle Body Butter! This silky, smooth thick cream is so yummy, I wanted to eat it (but didn’t).  It smells like a vanilla ice cream cone, and feels like a warm blanket going on.  I have very rough heels and work diligently to get them to feel better because they stay so dry and scratchy.  I used this Creamcicle Body Butter from Hippie Chick Herbal Harmony, and in ONE application, I could tell a significant difference.  

This has helped where other products have not.  I have continued to use it daily, and I am so pleased with the results.  And best of all, it’s ALL natural.  The older I get, the more I appreciate that word, “natural”.  The Body Butter is also available in Sweet Jasmine and Coconut-Lime scents. Get it! You will love it!
Detox Your Socks Off! Bath Salts, 16 oz. jar, $12
Sea Salt Bath Scrub, 4 oz. jar, $7
Body Butter, 4 oz. jar, $8

Please take time to explore this wonderful site and her Facebook page.  Hippie Chick Herbal Harmony is a business well worth your patronage!  Enjoy discovering more! 

***FTC Disclosure: I received these products free of charge in exchange for writing and posting this review.  I was not required to post a positive review.

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  1. These sound great, and the prices are really quite reasonable---I need to try that body butter on my ds's special skin. Thanks for the review.


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