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REVIEW: Classical Academic Press: God's Great Covenant OT 1

The new Crew Review year is off to a great start and our very first product we were blessed to review is a wonderful Bible curriculum from Classical Academic Press.  We chose to review God’s Great Covenant: OT: 1: Genesis to Ruth.  

The set we are reviewing comes with the Teacher’s Edition, one Student Workbook, and Audio Files. (The downloadable audio file is MP3 format and can be burned on a CD to take along anywhere you go).  I highly recommend purchasing all three, and I think my review will explain why I say that. In addition, if you have more than one student using it, I recommend purchasing extra workbooks for each, if you are able.  

The recommended ages for this Bible study are ages 4  - 10, so this is a wonderful choice for teaching multiple ages.  My daughter Abbey is 9, in the 4th grade, and it was a perfect set up for her.  

Much to my pleasant surprise, the Teacher’s Edition has Children’s Catechism questions in the margin that go along with each lesson.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Children’s Catechism, these are questions like “#1 Who made me?”, “ #22  What is a covenant?", etc., that are an introduction to the Shorter Catechism (one of the most important documents to come out of the English Reformation and the basis of many Protestant churches).   Classical Academic Press has chosen each of the Catechism questions carefully so that the ones the student is learning are actually related to each lesson. We take time to make flashcards of each of the questions.  Part of Abbey’s Bible time includes memorization of these questions and answers. 

The Teacher's Edition also includes wonderful teaching tips for each lesson, thought-provoking questions to help get the most out of the lesson, and answer keys to all quizzes. Check out the samples pages of the Teacher's Edition here:

With each new lesson, we listen to the current Bible story being narrated on the MP3 Audio Files are available.  The narrator's (Christopher Perrin) voice is like buttah and Abbey would often say, “Play it again, please!” because she loved his soothing voice and the way he told the story mixed with the scripture. She would follow along in the workbook.

After the story is heard (sometimes more than once), we read over the Memory Page together.  Check out the sample packet from the Student Workbook here:

After studying the Memory Page, Abbey then starts the Review section, which is two pages long, followed by a Quiz.  On the first day of the lesson, she completes one review page.  The next day, she completes page 2 of the review, and on the 3rd day she takes the Quiz for a grade.   Going slowly helps the lesson sink in and keeps us from rushing through it for the sake of saying we did. 

The next day, we start right in with the new lesson, new Catechism questions, and new stories.  That schedule has worked well for us.  We have a 4 -5 day week of school.  
Abbey reading her God's Great Covenant workbook in her 'fort'.
  • I love this program and will most definitely be buying the next set.   
  • I love it because it is a perfect pace for my easily-bored child and it holds her interest beautifully.   
  •  I love it because the amount of information in each lesson seems to be just the perfect amount for the recommended age range.  I encourage you to purchase the entire set that includes all three components in order for your child to get the most out of it.   
  • I love it because my daughter has asked very deep-thinking questions, like “Does God loves His creation because of who we are or because of how we act?", "If God created us only for His glory, doesn't that seem weird and selfish?" and “If God created all things prior to creating Adam, does that mean that Adam and Eve were walking with the dinosaurs every day?”  
  • And most of all, I love it because it is Biblically sound and Scripture is presented in a way my child can easily grasp.  
We are enjoying it so much I have ordered the Maps and Timeline set to further emphasize and solidify the stories she is learning.  I think it will help us both very much to see and realize exactly where and when they were taking place.  She and I are both visual learners.  The set arrived this week and it jam-packed with maps and timelines! There are different maps for the different time periods and the different stories.  They are full-color, glossy and very kid-friendly. 

There are many ways to purchase Classical Academic Press: God’s Great Covenant: OT:1: Genesis to Ruth.  Individually, as below:
The Audio Files (MP3 download): $9.95 (You know the voice of butter I mentioned earlier)
Or, as a bundled set (includes all of the above):

Bottom line: This homeschooling mama loves this curriculum and I highly recommend it to any homeschooling style of teaching! 

Please take time to see what other homeschooling families thought of this great curriculum over at: 


  1. We really loved this one too! I think I am going to purchase the maps and time line sets as well for the ones in the book are so great.


    1. Lori, Our maps and timeline set arrived and there are a TON of them in the pack! I need to go edit my post to show that I received them. But they are worth it!

  2. I just followed over from the Crew and had to say that I LOVE your blog title!


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