Thursday, September 13, 2012

Marshall Publishing--Lots and Lots of Penguins DVD (Review)

My animal-loving nine-year-old could NOT wait to get this set of DVDs!  Because it arrived just as we started to get our new school year going, I was able to incorporate watching them into our science lesson plan for the first week.  I allowed Abbey to watch 15 -20 minutes per day of the videos.   

We started with the LOTS and LOTS of Penguins in the Wild DVD.  At first, when she put in the video, she was like, “Hey! There’s no narration or music!”  But after watching it for a few minutes, she became so enthralled with the raw video and the close-up views of the animals in their natural habitat, she totally forgot what she was missing.  She kept pausing the video and rewinding it to show me something she thought was "cute" or "hilarious" or "amazing."
From the Marshall Publishing website I printed off the supplemental information about each penguin being shown.  There is a title for each sequence of video, so we knew which penguin we were watching.  We really did have fun discussing the height and weight of each penguin and its habitat.  “Mama! Did you know there are penguins that are only 16” tall?!!!” It also amazed her that the big sea lions were laying around some of these penguins and they weren’t bothering the penguins.  It is so fun to watch her take delight in the world God has created, as I am sure He does, too.  

Click here for a sneak peek of the video!
The second DVD, called LOTS and LOTS of PLAYFUL PENGUINS and their TOE-TAPPIN' HAPPY FEET, was met with a lot of enthusiasm as well.  She loved the little animated character that guides them through the video, and she liked the music video feel of this one.  When I wasn’t looking one night, she carted this one off to her room to ‘party like a penguin’ in private.  (Hee-hee).   

There is a bonus DVD included in this set, called Party like a Penguin, had us dancing around the house for days on end. Such a catchy tune! That one was fun stuff for all ages! 

Abbey’s Bottom Line Review:  After viewing both videos, I asked Abbey which one she liked better.  She said, “Although the second one was fun with its music and narration, I liked the first one better because of the close-up views we got to see of the penguins.”   I was a little surprised, but then I realized that all that Hollywood glitz and glamour are not necessary to educate our children.  They really are so much smarter than we, or Hollywood, give them credit for.   

April’s Bottom Line:  While I really enjoyed watching Abbey enjoy these videos, I think the “In the Wild” DVD could stand just a wee bit more editing, and I would love to see the informational guides to each species included in PDF format on the actual DVD itself, rather than having to go out to their website to find it.  But other than those two issues, I am very happy we were chosen for this review! 

Best Ages for which to purchase: Early to Middle Elementary, but older children and parents will enjoy as well.

Price: Retails for $39.90 if purchased separately, but only $19.95 for package of two DVDs  and  a bonus music video DVD.  That’s a great deal! 

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Other Titles by Marshall Publishing (for all varying ages) can be found here!  It is worth it to explore their site to see the HUGE list of DVDs they offer and take advantage of the free shipping coupon---these DVDs make wonderful, unique Christmas presents! 

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Disclaimer:  I did receive these videos at no charge in exchange for my honest opinion and review, however, no other compensation was given. 

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