Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vocabulary Spelling City (Review)

Vocabulary Spelling City is a wonderful online program from the folks at Time 4 Learning.  This ever-evolving site allows your children the ability to study weekly spelling words in very creative ways, but it is oh, so much more.   In fact, there is so much content, I am having to limit what I write about to keep this review from being three pages long. 

First of all the details: A premium subscription to Vocabulary/Spelling City costs $29.99 per year per family for up to 5 students. (Visit VocabularySpellingCity before August 25th and enter the coupon code Aug25T4L to get an annual family membership for $19.99, a savings of $10.)  Even at full price, Vocabulary Spelling City is a great value. 

 You can actually have access to the site for free, as I have done for the past two years.  Even the free membership allows for access to a ton of free games and spelling lists.  But here are some reasons why I think the premium membership is worth your money:
  • Students can sign on to their own page and track their own progress (parents can monitor their progress, too).
  • The number of games and subjects available to you (spelling, grammar, history, art appreciation, geography, and more) almost triples with the premium membership.
  • Teacher resources are off the chart! Language art lessons, instructional videos, useful word lists, Help and Information!  Take a look at the Teaching Resources Page:  
·  There are lesson plans with detailed instruction, videos to be used to teach the teacher, videos to be used to teach the student, pre-filled spelling lists by grade level (homonyms, tricky words, etc.), and more! 

·  Here’s a sample lesson on teaching your child different compound words lists:

Abbey and I have been using the Vocabulary Spelling City free membership for two years.  We have been creating our own spelling lists, based on her reading readiness level.  From that weekly list, we have been playing games and using the words in a sentence and playing Hang Mouse. We have taken tests and printed out the results for all to see.  By far, this has been the most painless way to get her to study her words.  It sure beats the dry, boring worksheet method.  She now enjoys the extra activities available to her via the premium membership!  

This past week she spent 30 minutes playing “Match the Modern Art” game found under the “Other Activities/Art Games” tab.  There is so much to explore. We will be utilizing this website for our entire curriculum.  It is a fun, educational break from the boring textbooks and worksheets she has to do so often. 

Think I've covered it all? Think again. Check out the left-hand column of subjects below:

 If you are still unsure if you're ready to dive into a premium membership yet, I encourage you to sign up for their free membership and see how much fun your student will have at Vocabulary Spelling City!  

Don't just take my word for it, click here to see what other bloggers at the Schoolhouse Review Crew thought about it! 

Disclaimer: I was given a year-long premium membership in exchange for writing this review. No other compensation was given.  

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