Wednesday, August 8, 2012

King Alfred's English (Review)

Hello, again, my friends!  I had the wonderful privilege of reviewing Laurie White’s King Alfred's English—A History of the Language We Speak and Why We Should Be Glad We Do.   And truly, we should be glad we do. 

It is an absolutely fascinating study on the history of the English language and the human stories behind the journey.  I learned things I had never known about this area of the world and the wonderful Christian heroes who fought to bring, and later keep, the Christian religion to various parts of the world. 

This is actually a textbook of sorts, written for 7th -12th graders, and I highly recommend that if you have children that fall in that category, you allow them to read it.  At the King Alfred's English Student Page on The Shorter Word's website, tons of supplemental materials and links are provided.  What a tremendous resource for busy homeschool moms!  This would be a wonderful book to use for a unit study.  

But please don't dismiss this book if your children are not that age yet.  As a homeschool teacher, you NEED to know these facts.  It is a history, linguistics, English Literature, and The English Bible lesson all in one.  Origins of popular words are discussed throughout the text, and I learned that it was not only a Latin influence that affects the way we speak, but also French, Norse, Celtic, and more. 

Laurie White provides maps that help the reader picture exactly where the different invasions were happening.  As a visual learner, I found this to be very helpful. 

Laurie's writing style is easy and conversational; it feels more like a bedtime story than a boring history of the world. You will be smarter for having read it.  It is an easy read, and I highly, highly recommend it! 
King Alfred's English  can be purchased at CBD for as low as $14.89.  If you are reading this before 9/30/12 and would like a code to receive the book at half-price, please comment below and I will share that code with you.  


Don't just take my word about what a great read it is, click HERE to learn what other bloggers thought about it!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of King Alfred's English in exchange for writing and posting this review.  No other compensation was given. 

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  1. Great review Good to hear what someone with younger children thought.

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